Sometimes called “The Golden Smog” Pat’s melodious voice comes from a background in voice acting and music. A jack-of-all-trades from cinema history to amateur lepidoptery and all parts in between, he’s never met a useless fact he didn’t hesitate to spout or a bad joke he wouldn’t make.

Adam got his degree in watching movies from Suffolk University in 2009. It wasn’t long after that when he realized having extensive knowledge of the work of Bergman and Hitchcock, (as well as being able to quote every action movie ever made) were not sought after job skills in todays workplace. Now a bartender, Adam commutes between his apartment in Allston to section 303 of the Boston Garden for every Bruins home game.

Co-founder and producer of the podcast series "The Geek and The Scribe," Shayna's a long-time on-air personality, content creator and media producer. When not co-hosting The Geek Down, you'll find her swashbuckling arguments about random facts, curating Manga to impress upon the noobs, and enjoying an unhealthy dose of BTS. As a media studies scholar she's adapted her obsessions with Social Anthropology, Cultural History, and Mythology to a virtual expertise in tv and film.

Manda is a gamer, anime fan, and co-founder of the Electric Sistahood podcast.

Producer, drag artist, burlesque and stage performer, professional face maker and teeth gnasher, geek-of-all-trades, and a generally righteous dude -- Lilith has been chewing up hearts and scenery since 2012.

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